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Our Goal

The program specifically targets to provide pre-incubation and acceleration of early stage startups across Tamil Nadu and make most of them investible (able to raise funding support from TANSIM) and also raise follow-on funding.

TANSEED is designed to create a platform to support inclusive innovations solutions, both technological and business process oriented, that have a positive social and economic impact on people.


The ambition of the TANSEED Program is to support distinguished players operating in 3 focus sectors:


Social enterprises focused on improving businesses of smallholder farmers,thereby increasing agriculture production and/or mitigation of risks for the farmer and or farming supply chain in the following aspects:

  • Farm Automation & Management
  • Water Use Efficiency and Management
  • Post Harvest Processing
  • Feeds, Fodder & Animal Nutrition
  • Financial Inclusion

Climate Action

Innovative, technology based social enterprises working to mitigate climate change risk thereby leading to economic upliftment of communities at the “Bottom of the Pyramid” in the following aspects:

  • Access to energy
  • Productive use of renewable energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Waste to Value/ Circular Economy


Social enterprises offer innovative business or technology based solutions to improve livelihood opportunities for rural micro entrepreneurs thus empowering them to earn and live better lives, which may include the following fields:

  • Art and Craft
  • Food processing
  • Livestock


Catalytic support and value addition to the core work of selected enterprises for creating impact at a scale.

Key Incentives

Access to finance
  • Grant Funding from TANSIM upto 10 lakh to each winner
  • Support from Villgro to raise follow-on funding to the eligible startups through access to downstream investors and partners
  • AWS Promotional Credits upto $100,000 USD.
Access to market
  • Linkages with the corporates, SHGs, FPOs and other industry partners
  • Access and partnership with Villgro's network of startups
  • Access to Villgro’s marketing and events.
Capacity building
  • Connect with Industry experts through diagnostic panels
  • Dedicated 1-to-1 mentorship support
  • Technical Assistance from industry experts


Program timelines to help you stay on track

Applications Closed

Call for applications

25th February-11th March

  • Submit online application form

Shortlisting of applications

12th March-16th March

  • Screening of all received applications by the expert panel
  • Call for shortlisted startups for Virtual Bootcamp

Virtual bootcamp

17th March - 19th March

  • Conduct Bootcamp & pre-final pitch
  • Call for shortlisted startups for final pitch

Grant funding to selected startups

20th March - 31st March

  • Networking event and cheque distribution

Pre-incubation to selected startups

April-June 2022

  • Training and capacity building
  • Startup diagnostic

Acceleration of startups

June-December 2022

  • Access to market
  • Access to finance
  • One-to-one mentoring and technical assistance


If you are a start-up working to solve problems in the areas of agriculture, climate change or livelihoods, apply now.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • 1. For profit Indian startups registered within TANSIM and DPIIT
  • 2. Located and Headquartered in Tamil Nadu or willing to relocate registered office to TANSIM.
  • 3. Average profit of the entity for the last 3 years shall be less than Rs.5 Lakh
  • 4. Addressing one of the 3 themes mentioned above
  • 5. Enterprise with Minimum Viable Product ready stage and onwards
  • 6. Digital technology and social impact are at the heart of the solution
Applications Closed

Evaluation Criteria

Here are some points to keep in mind while applying

  • The startup must be working on an innovative product or technology and not involved in pure service delivery.
  • Problem Identification and impact of the solution.
  • Potential for scaling up and employment creation.
  • Commitment, expertise & pedigree of the team.
  • The depth of research done on the identified problem.
  • Business plan and usage of Fund - clear deliverables and outcomes have to be mentioned by startups in their application.
  • The shortlisting will be based on the quality of the business plan provided. Product-market fit, early customer feedback, technological capability of the startup team to execute the project are some of the factors considered for shortlisting.
  • Funds received by the applicant like grants, prize money and other financial modes will also be taken into consideration before sanction. Priority will be given to those startups who have not received any fund.

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Evaluation Criteria

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Technology Partner

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